About Us

We at Mid Atlantic Natives focus on, and a grow plants native to the north east focusing on the Chesapeake Bay watershed and eastern seaboard. 
The native trees, shrubs and perennials including grasses, wetland plants, and wildflowers propagated from seed, division and cuttings and grown at our nursery. We specialize in plants native to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia. None are ever taken from the wild. All are nursery propagated.
Our native plant inventory contains only those native plants that were existing in north east North America prior to European settlement.
We are an organic practice propagation nursery and have been since the beginning. It's not a "new trend". 
It's a commintment to maintaining a healthy envirinment for all Earth's creatures. 
We utilize biological pest control and OMRI or USDA certified organic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.
We spend our private time doing what we love, hiking and exploring the forests, rivers and coastal areas of the 
Mid Atlantic. There is no more beautiful area than the one we call home. The plants placed there by Mother 
Nature herself are the ones we personally have a special regard for.
For years, even though our native plant selections were some of our favorites in addition to being beautiful, 
tough, ecologically valuable and economical, plants labeled "native" required surprising effort to find themselves 
going home with someone. Perhaps because they didn't come with flashy pot colors and huge marketing blitzes 
they didn't get much attention from time constrained consumers. 
The fact that you are reading this is an example of educated consumers being smarter than marketers. We hope
you continue your focus on native plants with us. No matter what you want and need, there is a native plant that
will meet your expectations and do so with less effort, less expense and more satisfaction.

Thanks for visiting,

Kurt & Linda Kurzmiller
Mid Atlantic Natives Inc.
4238 Buckley Hall Road Cobbs Creek VA 23035
(844) 8NATIVE (862-8483)